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SciFinder Scholar - outside Department of Chemistry: only available through kd.teketoilbibstats|kj#kd.teketoilbibstats|kj

  • Chemical Abstracts (CA), 1909-
  • REGISTRY: CA's chemical compound database with names, synonyms and CA Registry numbers for every known chemical compound
  • CASREACT with more than 500.000 reactions published 1974- with references to bibliographic details and abstracts in CA
  • CHEMCATS - a catalog database containing information about commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers
  • CHEMLIST - when you need to know whether a substance is regulated and by what agency

SciFinder Scholar help (2004 version)

Any answer set may be limited to one og more of the following roles:

Adverse effect, including Toxicity Occurrence
Analytical Study - or include name of analytical metod/acronym in search string Preparation
Biological Study Process
Combinatorial Study Properties
Crystal Structure Reactant or Reagent
Formation, nonpreparative Spectral Properties - or include name of method in search string: IR, NMR
Miscellaneous Uses
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