Analytical chemistry

Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry - 2004- Theory, methods and applications of any kind of spectroscopic methods.

Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, 17th Edition current through 1st Revision, 2002 - 2,800 collaboratively tested analytical techniques for most everyday analytical chemical problems. Write kd.teketoilbibstats|kj#kd.teketoilbibstats|kj if you need any AOAC document


SciFinder Scholar Chemical Abstracts (CA) 1909-present

  • REGISTRY - the CA compund database containing names, synonyms and CA Registry numbers for all known chemical compounds. Search for one or more compounds in REGISTRY and refine the answer set by either the coarse aspect: Analysis or combining the answer set with the name of the analytical technique. CA will search all known synonyms of the chosen technique.
  • Abstracts from non-english papers are often rewritten to contain major findings so that consulting the original paper may not be required.
  • Searching SciFinder Scholar requires a special software package not installed at any public workstation at State and University Library. Write kd.teketoilbibstats|kj#kd.teketoilbibstats|kj if you think searching this database is of any use


  • Very comprehensive indexing af all articles with MeSH - use PubMed's MESH-database to build Your search profile. Choose [Detailed display] > Subheading: analysis - or - the MeSH-term for the compound to be analysed AND the MeSH-term for the analytical technique to be used, e.g. "Estrogens"[MeSH] AND "Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid"[MeSH]
  • Related articles search based on both MeSH-indexing, words (and synonyms) from title and abstract.

Analytical Abstracts (DIALOG: Bluesheet: file 305)), 1980-
References with abstracts from 100 core journals, for most non-english articles, abstracts are re-written to include all details on analytes, methods and results obtained

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