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Detailed description of chemical bibliographic databases:

  • advantages by using this particular database - with links to other databases with different search options
  • how to perform comprehensive searches, incl. sample search profiles illustrating syntax
  • how to to export references to reference handling programs

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Searching full-text-articles:

If you need to search for words beyond title/abstract/index terms, e.g. names of methods, organisms, chemicals - the are several possiblitites:

Google Scholar - if you don't get immediate access to the full paper, it will usually be available through our E-journals database

Set-up for exporting references to Refworks (one reference at a time): Link to Google Scholar preferences. Mark (bottom of page: Bibliography Manager + Show links to import citations into RefWorks + [Save preferences].
Most references found in Google Scholar will now carry a "Import into RefWorks" link. Google Scholar always opens RefWorks in "Edit mode", so you may change and add information if needed: e.g. Document types. For most references to journal papers, a better-quality reference with abstract, author adresses (incl. e-mail), subject terms a.o. can usually be found in general bibliographies

SCIRUS - also cover journals from Elseviers ScienceDirect (not covered by Google Scholar)

Other bibliographies - available through DIALOG:

Biological Abstracts, 1926- (Bluesheet: file 5) , CAB Abstracts, 1972- (Bluesheet: file 50)

Merck Index .. ???

For chemical bibliographies see:
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