Names, Synonyms and CAS Registry Numbers

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  • Common name and most important synonyms, incl. CAS Reg. No.
  • Basic physical data: Freezing-, melting, boiling point; Density; Refractive Index; Vapor density and -pressure, Flash point, Water solubility a.o.
  • Links to databases containing information (of any kind) about this particular compound - databases are grouped under the headings: Biochemistry; Chemical Online Order, Health, Misc, MSDS, Pesticides/Herbicides, Physical Properties, Regulations, Structures, Usage. Links to both the database homepage and "Information about this particular compound"

MESH-browser - a database produced by National Library of Medicines with names, synonyms, CAS Registry Numbers for more than 400.000 compounds, isomers, salts etc. Use the MESH-subject hierachy to find other compounds from same chemical class

SciFinder Scholar - includes CAS REGISTRY - a database of more than 20 million chemical compounds known to science.
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CAS Registry - what's in a CAS Registry Number

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