Danish standards (DS)

Dansk Standard

The State and University Library holds an almost complete collection of danish standards. Many foreign standards are issued as danish standards, often in danish translation

  • Up to march 2000: printed standards in loose leaf binders. Set-up: DS, DS/EN, DS/ISO etc.
  • From april 2000 DS are only available on CD-ROM
  • None of the standards are available for loan, but ask your library about possibilities for obtaining a photocopy/print
  • For DS published february 2005 ff, we also need the "varenummer" from DS-database to find the standard on bi/tri-monthly-cumulated CD-ROM's.

Subject search - (in danish only)

Foreign (Non-danish) standards

ISO All current ISO-standards can be found here. Many will also be danish standards and thus immediately available, but check it out in the "Dansk Standard" database (see above)

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)

  • Choose "Standards search"
  • Subject search: ASTM uses "Index terms" which are only available in complete document records. A preliminary search for a few relevant words will give you the records, that may be used for refined subject search
  • Many ASTM standards are available as collections, that may be found in one of the danish technical libraries - search them through
  • ASTM-standards can also be bought as pdf-files for immediate print/download

ANSI Global Standards Search Engine

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