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- enter words, phrases and author-last-names in any order, right-hand truncation with *, use the links at the right column of the answer set to limit to "Materialetypes: Book" and sort the answer set according to publication year: Sort by: Year. - search all public libraries in Denmark, order books and photocopies to be delivered through Statsbiblioteket or your local public library.
*Set up a.o. Favourite libraries (most AU-university libraries are not participating)

ebrary - more than 40.000 full-text searchable books. A special ebrary-reader is required), only possible to print 20 pages at each session.
*Combine word with AND, OR, AND NOT og WITHIN-(number) in capitals, e.g.:
(sun OR solar) WITHIN-3 (uv OR UVA OR ultraviolet) WITHIN-3 (plankton* OR phytoplankton*)
*Download ebrary Patron User Guide if you want to create a virtual bookshelf, add bookmarks, notes a.o.

Google Books - have a look at the tables of content and some of the relevant pahes (Limited preview), the words you have searched for are tagged with yellow background. Prints not possible. Click the book title and follow the link: Borrow this book > Find this book in a library which will lead you to - if it still available, we will consider buying it - send suggestions to kd.teketoilbibstats|kj#kd.teketoilbibstats|kj

Amazon - Look Inside™: Table of contents and a few pages of most books - excellent supplement to Google Book Search. Amazon suggest other titles of interest within the same topic through Books on Related Topics, Citations (forward and backwards in time), Key Phrases

Searching by subject

Books are usually classified by two different classification systems: Most books in english are classified by DDC and/or LC-classification codes and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). Danish books are classified by dk5-classification codes and and words from a controlled vocabulary (DBC emneord). Older books (up to 1998) are usually only classified by Statsbibliotekets own classification systems (FMB and UDK).

None of DDC, LC or dk5 are public domain, so finding the right classification code to search for is close to impossible. LCSH are used to a very large extent in almost every major library catalogue, and are thus very useful. If you want to make an extensive book-search with in a field of science, please ask for the right classification codes and LCSH.

Confirming book data

- for bibliographies or loan-requests:

WorldCat - common search interface for all major US and european university libraries

Karlruhe Virtuel Catalog - another good place to search across most major libraries - books on sale at 13,500 professional booksellers

Any questions ??

If you need help to find the right books, please write kd.teketoilbibstats|kj#kd.teketoilbibstats|kj - a few lines in danish or english about your subject will be sufficient

How to find the right book

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